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Kay consultants ,a fast developing Consulting services ,is pleased to introduce is most innovative creations… HR Solutions ..

“HR Solutions” is the Package of Human Resources Management Consultation and Services .

Need :

Dynamics of the business world is evolving every other second and with this the most precious reserves of any industry today is its Human Resource. Companies of all scales are well aware of this valuable Human Resource and while expanding itself ….to develop and retaining them is the primary objective of all. By every passing day the HR dept needs to be fully functional so as to aptly cater to the dynamics ,but to have a fully functional HR dept is another challenge for companies.

The HR Dept and its functions provide an organization its structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing the company's most valuable resources -- its employees. But in Small and Mid Level businesses setting up of a dedicated HR department are not possible for reason like unavailability of functional experts, expensive hiring and high retaining budgets. A midway to overcome these dynamics is what we provide through “HR Solutions”.

Kay Consultants proposes its “HR Solutions” designed and developed especially for small and mid level companies to achieve the same level of efficiency and workforce management.

Concept : Kay Consultants enters into an agreement with a company where into the HR functions of the said company are outsourced to Kay Consultants. We then shoulder the responsibility to review, resolve and manage all the HR functions for our client company. We assist our clients by strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations. This helps the company in revamping its HR Functions without increasing the headcount in a most cost effective way.

Every core aspect of HR viz Recruitment, Induction and Orientation ,Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management Systems, Competency Mapping ,Employee Engagement is catered by Kay Consultants through its HR Solutions.

As our punch line says…”You Job is our business”….our aim is to provide, safeguard and develop the core aspects associated with the term "Job".

Benefits :

Benefits of outsourcing HR functions to Kay Consultants:
• Peace of Mind
You can relax knowing our HR specialists will help with all of your HR needs, and help you avoid costly mistakes.
• Cost-Effective
You enjoy all the benefits of having an experienced HR team working for you, without incurring the cost of full-time salaries.
• Time-Efficient
You gain access to HR resources and experts to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly, so you can focus on building your business.
• Professional Management
Highly professional backup with time proven management records will be executing and Monitoring your HR functions.

Objectives :

We look forward to get associated with companies so as nurture and develop a them into professional conglomerates by transforming a Job into a Profile, a Process into a System, an Employee into an Assets and in this growth, Kay Consultants visualizes its progress.

Whether your HR issues revolve around recruiting, compensating, motivating, developing, retaining or laying off employees, you’ll benefit from practical HR advice you can… Implement Today And Rely On Tomorrow ...

Kay Consultants HR Solutions envisions to get associated with companies so as nurture and develop a them into professional conglomerates by…transforming ...a Job into a Profile ... a Process into a System ... an Employee into an Asset ... and in this growth, Kay Consultants visualizes its progress ...

Kay Consultants can cater to all the required HR functions, through three different Packages of HR Solutions ... i.e
Basic , Standard and Premium.

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